Most of the websites that Optiweb build are hosted on Blacknight servers. If your website cannot be reached then this is the first step that you should take to see if it is a server issue or if perhaps it may be an issue with your own website.

If your website goes down it can be for a number of reasons;

  1. The server hosting the website is down (temporarily) and other websites on the web server will also be affected in the same manner
  2. There may be an issue with your website


The first thing to do is check option 1 as follows:

Go to this site

Enter the name of your website and press Check

The server name can be seen in the green box – such as  pemlinng022

Check to see if the server hosting your website is up or down on – red means down and green means the server is up and that problem may be with your website rather than with the server that is hosting it.

Alternatively do this (same thing but via the UI)

Go to

Select Server Status from the top bar

Select Find My Server from the black menu item

Select Server Status from the menu bar and look for the server that is hosting your website – green means it is up, red means that it is down and most likely a Blacknight technician is working on getting the server back up.

The servers are not usually down for long. It is rare for a server to go down in the first place.