Creating Blog Posts

No matter which method or methods you use to display your blog posts, the first thing you need to do is create the blog posts. WordPress offers several blog post types, image, image slideshows, video and more on the way. Each blog post you make will be able to be displayed using any of the 3 methods described above. And with the ability to assign custom categories to each post, you can easily display a set of posts based on category. See below for information on how to create blog posts.

Follow the Steps Below To Create A Blog Post

Step 1 – Navigate to Posts in your WordPress admin.

Step 2 – Click on Add New to make a new post. Create a title and insert your post content in the editing field.

Step 3 – Add Categories from the right side. To assign it to the post, check the box next to the Category name.

Step 4 – Add Tags from the right side. Type the name of the tag in the field, separate multiple tags with commas.

Step 5 – For a single image, click the first Featured Image Box, select an image and click “Set Featured Image”.

Step 6 – For a slideshow:
•Select the Gallery post type

•Insert images in the post options below the page editor, each image will be a slide in the slideshow. Don’t forget a wait a few secs after clicking to “Add New” button.

Step 7 – For a video post, select the Video format and the the video link to the video url field, alternatively you can put the embed code into the “Embedded Video” field below.

Step 9 – Once you are finished, click Publish to save the post.