x% of businesses in Ireland today have websites.  Many were built four or more years ago.


Objectives of a Well Designed Website

At Optiweb we implement our three golden rules of web design.  A business website must;

  • Collect as many visitors as possible, especially those who meet your target demographic
  • Captivate your website visitors with your content. Over 65% of Internet browsers now use smart phones to browse the Internet. It is important that your website looks good and works well on mobile phones and tablets. If not it is likely that visitors will leave your site straight away
  • Connect with those visitors who would be a good fit for your business

If you have a website then ask yourself if your website does a good job at meeting these three objectives.  If you are thinking about designing a website for your business then ensure that it meets the three objectives.

Business Goals

Before you undertake any step in business you must be clear what your business goals are.  Be as specific as possible.

You must know who your target market is. You must know what terms they will use to find a product or service similar to the one you provide. For example, if your business is a taxi service then your potential customers may be;

  • corporate
  • party goers
  • neighbours going on weekly night outs
  • wedding guests
  • brides and grooms

Your target market use search keywords and key phrases that form your keyword plan. You must use these keywords in an optimum manner on your website in order to collect potential customers.

Once you have clear goals you can design your website and your online strategy. The strategy is to ensure that you Collect, Captivate and Connect with the right number and nature of visitor.

For example one of your business goals might be to sell 10 bicycles each week by attracting enough visitors to your bicycle shop through your website. If this is your goal then you need to know the percentage of visitors to your shop who make a bicycle purchase.  If for example one in five visitors purchase a bicycle then you will need to attract at least 50 visitors to your shop each week through your website.  You need to start thinking about the number of your website visitors that will visit your shop.

So the steps may be;

  1. collect at least 100 visitors each week
  2. captivate at least 80 visitors (those who will stick around and browse your site)
  3. connect with 50 visitors either through phone, email, social media or simply by providing clear directions to your shop with a clear strong message on your website showing what you have to offer. Make it easy for them to contact you



There are a number of ways that your website can collect visitors;

  1. visitors type in your domain name or URL into Google Search or into the browsers address bar
  2. they enter your important keywords and key phrases into Google Search (* I refer to Google Search in this article but of course there are many other search engines that visitors could use, Google being by far the most important)
  3. they click on a link to your website from another website, for example Yelp, local business directory, blog article etc.

There are two ways that a visitor can reach your website through Google Search;

  1. Paid Search or Pay Per Click (PPC)
  2. Organic Search

Optiweb can set up PPC campaigns for you if you wish but I will not address that here.  It is a good way to get a head start with your new website.

Organic Search refers to the traditional way that Google returns websites in its search results page. These are the entries that are not designated with the small Ad icon which appear on the top, bottom and right hand side of the search results page.

In order for your site to have a good search rank you will need to ensure that your website has been optimised with on page search engine optimisation (on-page SEO).

Optiweb have achieved great results through on-page SEO. We can do the same for you.

more to follow…


Your website must captivate your visitors if you are to meet your business goals. This means that all landing pages must have clear strong messages.  Assume that a visitor to your site will skim your landing page (usually your home page). If you use images on your site they must clearly convey your best message. Ensure that all headings do the same, particularly the first headline on your landing page.

Captivate your visitors and they will stay on your website and browse through it.  Google tracks the number of pages that your visitors visit and they track the number of pages that visitors visit. It makes sense that the best websites retain visitors longer and Google uses this information to determine your page rank in Google Search.


Your website must have a clear Call to Action that encourages visitors to get in touch with you. Some people prefer to be contacted by phone,  some by email. Perhaps you simply want them to drop in to your store.

Sales people tell you to Buy Now While Stocks Last. Advertisers know that often we need a little push or pressure to make a purchase decision. The same applies to your website. You must make it easy for visitors to contact and find you.  For this reason you MUST have a listing on Google Maps!  If you do not, then Optiweb would be happy to get you listed with an optimised listing.