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If you are looking to build a new website or if you wish to upgrade your current site then contact Optiweb for a free consultation right away.

All of our websites are built using WordPress, one of the most powerful and popular Content Management Systems in the industry. We will build you a vibrant website that you control.

We build websites that work and look great on all devices.  This is important since more than 65% of all web browsing in Ireland is performed using smart phones and tablets.

What you see is what you get with Optiweb – a passionate team who have your best interests at heart. Most of our clients do not have the time to learn how to use technology. At Optiweb we take the time to help you understand as much of the process as you wish

Check out a sample of our Web Design Portfolio to see what we do.

Web Design & SEO in Kildare

Website Upgrade

Web technology moves at a rapid pace.  A website that was built 5 years ago or more is most likely out of date.  Refreshing your website in the right way is a great way to boost your rankings. It is also vital that your website looks and works great on all devices.

Call us today if you believe that your current website should be performing better in Google’s search rankings. Find out more about Upgrading Your Website with Optiweb.

Remember, most people browse the web in the evenings. With a website from Optiweb you will always be open for business.

Take Your Shop Online

Online sales in Ireland are growing at 17% each year.  Most of these sales go to UK companies.  Get ahead of the game with Optiweb. We will build an eCommerce site for you and we will help you make it successful.

Feature in Google Search Results

It is critical that Google understands what your website is about. Only then will it feature your site in its search results. We follow Google’s best practises to ensure that you rank at the top of Google for your important keywords. 1 Search Engine Optimisation 2 On-Page and Off-Page 3 We handle all important Search Engines for you We also manage Google Adwords campaigns to get you started 5 Don’t hide from Google

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I would like to thank Teo at Boost Sales for making the video at the top of this page.  I hope you like the video too.  Video is a great way of advertising your business.  If you are interested in getting a video for your business then I can highly recommend the team at Boost Sales!