Website Upgrade

Web Upgrade & Design in Kildare

Are you getting  the most out of your website? It may be time for a website revamp.

Does it look and work great on all devices including smart phones and other devices?

Is it attracting, retaining and helping you convert enough customers?

Would you like to have more control?

Your website should be working for you around the clock. If not then call Optiweb and bring your website into the 21st century at an affordable price.

Many websites were built some time ago using old technologies. They often look dated but more importantly they have not been optimised for Google Search.

All of the websites that we build are Responsive (unless it really makes sense to stick with the old world design). This means that they look an work great on all devices including smart phones, iPads, Android and Windows tablets, PC’s, laptops, Mac’s etc.

To quickly see if your website is Responsive you need to open your website, make the browser as small as possible without minimising it.  If the website wrapped/resized nicely and a special drop down menu/navigation such as  Responsive Design  appears then your website is Responsive. If this is not the case then you should consider upgrading your website to improve the experience for those who access your website. It will mean more business for you via more retained traffic on your website.

If you would like to improve the look of your current site or if you feel that your rankings should be higher then call Optiweb for a free consultation.

We have a great track record of refreshing websites with great results for our clients.

Our website upgrade packages start at €800.