Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Planning Your Business

There are a number of elements to consider before you embark on getting an effective website for your business. At Optiweb we focus on our 3 C’s of Great Web Design

Collection, Captivation, connection

If you do these correctly you will get a return on your web investment.


By far the most popular way to find a product, service or business today involves a web browser and Google.

If your website is important to your business then it is essential that Google returns your website when a potential customer does a search for the product or service that you provide.

At Optiweb we implement all of Google’s best practises to ensure that the websites that we build feature near the top of Google Organic Search results.

The majority of websites that we analyse for clients have simply not been optimised. As a result these businesses are handing it over to their competitors.

If you believe that your current website is performing poorly in Google Search then contact Optiweb for a free consultation. Better still, we will build you a fresh new optimised website that works and looks great on all devices.

Optiweb would be delighted to help you improve your Google Search Rankings. Doing so will most likely mean more visitors to your site and more money for you. We will do this mostly through On-Page Search Engine Optimisation.

We can quickly and easily tell if you site has been optimised.

If your website has not been optimised we have two options for you. You decide which makes the most sense for you;

Optiweb can give you a report, with Optimisation instructions for you – first we need to know your most important keywords
Optiweb can take this report and implement all changes for you
At Optiweb we believe in the Power of One. One customer can make all the difference for you and your business. If your site is not optimised you are handing over customers to your competitors.

We can guarantee in most cases that we can help you leapfrog your competitors in Google Search. It is definitely one area that most businesses have fallen behind so getting ahead is relatively easy with Optiweb.

  • "I would like to thank Optiweb for rebuilding a new website for me. They did a great job optimising the site. I now get almost twice as before. I love the new site and i love the increased traffic."

    Ashling Ciara Rose Bridal Boutique
  • "I am more than happy to recommend Optiweb to anybody who wants to get more customers for their business. I could not believe how Optiweb could increase our Google ranking by making changes to our existing website. We now rank in the top 3 of Google for many crucial key phrases and we are number 1 for many more. "

    Sean O'Gorman, Ambit Financial
  • "Oh John!!! You have quite literally changed my life! I am beyond delighted! Send on the invoice! Thank you so so much!Cheers"

    Jennifer Tyrell Consultancy