Empowerment Through Technology

In the modern age it is essential that all business are making the most of technology to help them grow and get new customers.  Most people today access the Internet daily via tablet, smart phone, PC or laptop.  More and more business is being done online.  More and more purchase decisions are made by searching and browsing online.

Optiweb will help you ensure that you are making the most of technology to help you grow and manage your customers – all in the most cost effective manner.

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Search Engine Optimisation

This is the process that we follow with each client. Steps below can be combined into packages depending on client needs.

1.       Initial consultation with client to discuss the process and to get a clear understanding of the objective of the website (sell products, drive business awareness, simple web presence etc.) including keyword and key phrase capture

2.       Visual inspection website and feedback on areas for improvement

3.       In depth Keyword and Key Phrase analysis

4.       On Page SEO Audit – cost depends on # of pages on website

5.       On Page SEO Audit report – general feedback – includes meeting to discuss and share understanding

6.       On Page SEO Audit detailed report – to be used by current web developers or by the website owner

7.       Implementation of On Page SEO Audit (depends on the web development system that has been used to build the web site but I should be possible for me to do this)

8.       On Page SEO training to ensure that all future changes to the website by the website owner comply with latest On Page SEO requirements

9.       Follow up report on On Page SEO

10.   Off Page SEO Analysis – I will analyse the current solution if it exists.  Many clients have an SEO company working for them that follow this pattern; 

a.      The client received an email one day offering SEO services b.      The client believes  they are doing the right thing because they heard of SEO and know it is important c.      The client pays somewhere in the region of €500 per month to the SEO provider d.      The client does not know what they are paying for e.      The SEO company does not provide reports or details of what they are doing for that money

11.   Off Page SEO recommendations – often I simply recommend that payment to the SEO company is stopped and that the savings are invested in a more transparent solution that provides real results

12.   Off Page SEO Backlink analysis (this may be a complete or a partial analysis of backlinks depending on the number of backlinks that are pointing to the site) report

13.   Off Page SEO Backlink correction in the case of bad links (cost will depend on number and extent of poor backlinks and client will be consulted in advance)

14.   Google Places for Business listing audit and recommendations – if this does not exist I will set it up for you

15.   Google Analytics interpretation of results and report – if this does not exist I will set it up for you

16.   Google Adwords campaign setup and management – this is the single best way to target potential customer and bring them to your site.  I will combine Google Analytics results for your website with your Google Adwords campaign to help you understand how potential customers are finding your site and with which keywords

Google Adwords Campaign Management (10% of weekly cost of campaign)

17.   Social Media Recommendations for your Business – every business can benefit from the optimum use of Social Media.  I will discuss your needs with you and help you put the right solution in place.  You may choose that Social Media is not for you.

18.   Follow up consultations on request

19.   Google Adwords and Analytics reports prepared and/or discussed on a scheduled basis (for example every three months) or on request – price per report

20.   If necessary I will rebuild your entire website,  giving you a beautiful WordPress Responsive website.  One of the great things about WordPress websites is that you are not locked in to your web development/design company.  If you choose to part ways or if parting is forced on you, you can find another web development/design company that will pick up where your old provider has left off – you will not need to start from scratch with a new website. Price depends on the size and complexity of the website